Monday 28 March 2011


The word study for adhan is here

I get the feeling that adhan is a mental harm or a stress or an emotional affliction as opposed to a physical harm. 

Mental as opposed to physical as I infer from :

3:111 "They will not yaḍurrūkum you except in being an adhan, and if they fight you they will turn and flee; then they will not be supported."

where yaḍurrūkum seems to be a physical harm and adhan is the exception.

The mental aspect of "adhan" could also be backed up from 2:196 which indicates the adhan could be mental due to the use of "rasihum" (head)

So the adhan can be something you hear: 
3:186 "We will test you with your wealth and with yourselves, and you will walatasmaʿunna (hear) from those who have been given the book before you and from those who set up partners much adhan. If you strive and be aware, then these are affairs of great resolve".36

or something that is said:
33:69 "O you who acknowledge, do not be like those who ādhaw Moses, but then God cleared him of all they qālū (said), and he was honorable before God."

.  Some of the things that may cause mental harm or stress could be : 

  • insults (9:61)
  • requests to go against your beliefs (33:48)
  • impossible demands from your ability, wealth or time, intrusion into personal life (33:53 ?)
  • reprimands,  being told you are wrong (4:16)
  • objections,  being denied (6:34 ) 
  • being made to feel guilty, contradictions (3:186)
  • people giving you fit'nata (29:10)
  • given ultimatums, being driven out of homes (3:195)
  • bad words and verbal punishment (2:263) (the opposite of good words and forgiveness, perhaps?)
In summary "adhan" seems to be what we are so often asked to overcome with Sabr (6:34) and natawakkala (trust -  from 14:12)  

So maybe the overall message here is that Patience and Trust in Allah combats stress, mental harm, oppression, trials, hardships and emotional difficulties.    

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