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I just posted the fasala word study on search.quranaddict

Whilst pondering these verses I am getting the strong sense that before something can be separated or dissected or explained it has to be collected, huddled, gathered, emcompassed, encircled or compiled first. The "weaning" in 2:233, 31:14 and 46:15 now makes sense to me because the child cannot be separated from the mother unless it was already joined first. And it seems to me the relatives or kindred in 70:13 could not be relatives unless they shared a common ancestor, also along the same lines of having been connected or joined at one point before being separated. On Yawm al Fasli l-faṣli  (37:21:3)  (42:21:15)  (44:40:3)  (77:13:2)  (77:14:5)  (77:38:3) (78:17:3) as far as I understand it, people will be separated/judged but not until they have all been gathered together first - another name for Yawm alFasli is  yawma l-jamʿi in 42:7 and 64:9 (jam'i being gathering or assembly)

In 77:38 I see gathering and separation together:
77:38 This is the day of l-fali where We have jamaʿnākum you with the ancient people.

In 2:233 I also get the sense of coming together before agreeing to part
excerpt from  2:233  .... So if they wish to fiālan out of mutual agreement and council, ....

In 6:55 I get a notion that the "walitastabina"  is to show that the "nufaṣṣilu" is a clarification/explanation. If they are being divided/separated too, that also works in the sense that the ayats are divided into Surahs or Chapters.
 6:55 It is such that We nufaṣṣilu the l-āyāti, and walitastabīna the way of the criminals.

And I get a similar feel from 12:111 - where "taṣdīqa alladhī bayna yadayhi" could be what is being encompassed and explained:
12:111 In their stories is a lesson for the people of intelligence. It is not a hadith that was invented, but an taṣdīqa alladhī bayna yadayhi, a watafīla of all things, and a guidance and mercy to a people who acknowledge.

In 2:249 "So when Saul (Talut) faala with the soldiers,....."
 I take this to mean that he rounded them up in a team huddle and then they parted ways, and the verse shows what he advised them before they left. The similar kind of logic would apply to 12:94 "When the caravan faalati,...."

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