Tuesday 8 March 2011

On the straight and narrow?

Should we keep to the straight and narrow? Or the Straight and Wide?

I found some verses :

71:19 "'And God has made the earth a wide expanse ( bisāṭan ) for you ,
71:20 "So that you may seek in it (wide?) ways subulan fijājan?"

72:11 Just as [we do not know how it happens] that some from among us are righteous, while some of us are [far] below that: we have always followed widely divergent paths ṭarāiqa qidadan.

67:15 He is the One who made the earth subservient to you. So roam its paths manākibihā, and eat from His provisions; and to Him is the final summoning.

29:69 As for those who strive in Our cause, We will guide them to Our paths subulanā. For God is with the pious.

21:31 We made on the earth stabilizers so that it would not tumble with you, and We made in it wide paths fijājan (as) ways subulan that they may be guided.

16:15 He has cast into the earth stabilizers so that it does not sway with you, and rivers, and paths wasubulan, perhaps you will be guided.

14:12 "Why should we not place our trust in God, when He has guided us to our paths subulanā. We will be resolute against the harm you inflict upon us. In God those who trust should put their trust."

6:153 This is My path, a Straight One ṣirāṭī mus'taqīman. "So follow it, and do not follow the (other) paths l-subula lest they divert you from His path sabīlihi. That is what He has enjoined you so that you may be aware."

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  1. You might want to look at 5/48 and 2/148 to see how God unites us in diversity. Both use the same phrase 'fa'astiqoo al-khayraat' (race to bring all that is good). Both acknowledge our diversities by saying each of us have our own 'wijhah' (face), 'manhaj' (methodology) and 'shir3ah' (disclosure). I think this fully accounts for how different we are.