Friday 1 April 2011

Jonah (Yunus) and the Hutu

Chapter 37

139And that truly Jonah (was) from (E) the l-mur'salīna.
140When he abaqa to the l-ful'ki, the l-mashḥūni
141So he fasāhama , and he was of the l-mud'ḥaḍīna
142fal-taqamahu l-ḥūtu, and he is mulīmun.
143So had it not been for that he (was) from the l-musabiḥīna
144He would have stayed/remained fī baṭnihi to a day/time they be sent/resurrected/revived.
145So We fanabadhnāhu him bil-ʿarāi and he is saqīmun .
146And wa-anbatnā on him a shajaratan from yaqṭīnin
147And We sent him to one hundred thousand or more
148So they believed, so We gave them long life/made them enjoy to a time/period of time .

Was Jonah literally swallowed by a fish / giant fish / whale? I was pondering this. From Chapter 37, vs 139-148. My own thoughts of what I understand from it: I infer from this that Jonah was from the messengers. He ran away to a laden ship. The laden ship could signify that the place he ran to was not on firm ground, so where he ran away to was caused him an even greater instability. And the "laden" signifies to me that the place he ran to was already full of problems too, more problems than he already had himself. Why did he run away? He may have been anxious or uncertain and he became worried and sick, so much so that he became weak and frail and thin and he became one of the people who dispute even after clear signs. All the stress and striving and fighting his thoughts and his inner turmoil of what was happening to him took hold of him and was bigger than his own self and consumed him, and he either blamed himself or he was blameworthy. He was however someone who used to glorify God, and if it hadn't been for that, he would have been left in that state until his death. But God removed the turmoil and reset him, back to a state of weakness and frailty or even sick in the sense that he was "fed up" or in a state of having "had enough of his plight" with not enough strength or spirit to carry on. But then God caused him to grow spiritually in strength like a strong tall plant so he became full of certainty. And then he was able to go to the people and do his job as the messenger and the people believed him.

Saqimun (sick) is also in this chapter where Abraham is "sick" of the people worshipping the statues. (37:89)
I also believe spiritual growth is also symbolised in vegetation/trees/plants  in 48:29 and 14:24

It makes me think about how sometimes we have to be shown our own limits of what we are able to accept until we do something about the problem. Whether we just give up and give in and let the problem (whatever it may be in life) consume us or whether we submit to Allah, trust in Him and ask for him to increase us in inner spiritual strength and faith and give us the passion and energy and courage to to face up to what we need to overcome.

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