Sunday 22 May 2011

The Deceptive "Just Muslim Label" by quranists

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The liberation afforded to us by virtue of this label ‘Quranist’ amazes me. By declaring myself a Quranist and having materials bearing the name there is simply no confusion anymore: I am NOT an orthodox Muslim and my non-acceptance of orthodox (read: Traditional) Islam is apparent to whoever sees this name. At worst, they will see the name, ignore it but my job is still done. I have entered my disclaimer. I do NOT represent orthodox Islam. The onus is on the reader to find out what a Quranist is.

I am very surprised at the insistence of some quranists (with a small ‘q’, that is people who believe in the Quran as a sole divine source but don’t necessarily adopt the term ‘Quranist’) to use the term ‘Muslim’. They insist there is only just one Islam (theirs obviously) and that any kind of deviation from that Islam is sectarianism. I term them as Quranic Fundamentalists (QF’ists) because while they are Quranic, despite the Quran’s spirit of openness and tolerance, they do not follow suit.

Having witnessed some of their activities recently, I’m afraid I have to say that I am rather disappointed in the lack of honesty being displayed in their activities. One such group, ‘Support for New Muslims’, is run by quranists who are ordinarily very critical of hadith. However, in this particular group, they have sublimated their criticisms presumably not to scare off their ‘customers’.

I admit, their actions may actually bring the Quran to many new Muslims but at what price? These new Muslims went to their group sincerely seeking what is likely to be Traditional Islam (due to its overwhelming prevalence). By hiding the fact that they are not representatives of Traditional Islam, they are selling the product that the customer did not seek. Of course, they are selling what they believe is a better product but isn’t it simply honesty to tell the New Muslim, at the very least, that their views are not just unorthodox but also outright heretical in some circles?



  1. Sometimes......highlighting our differences may not be the best approach. I have found that waiting and patience in Allah is the best way to allow the conversation to come up.

    When a new person reads the Qur'an they are not even acknowledging the hadith, therefore don't need the explanation. That is until they become more astute and aware of the discrepancies in "muslims".

    With that said, a person should be comfortable with their believes after careful understanding of the arguments.

    I love your zeal and beliefs.

  2. Salaam Aleykum
    Here is a link to the new re-vamped Quranists Welcome Pack

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