Monday 23 May 2011

Definition of a Sect

Definition of a Sect

I do believe there is a difference between what a sect is defined as in English and what the “arabic word that is translated as sect” is from the Quran. I think the most important thing is to find out what the Quran says.
There are enough verses in the Qur’an which justify making choices (judging) according to what the scripture says 5:45 wamanlam yahkum bima anzala Allahu faola-ikahumu alththalimoona (not quoted the full verse – please check all the refs and see the whole verse and context to verify – don’t take my word for it!) and enough verses pertaining to the groups who obey God 34:20 fareeqan mina almu/mineena and the groups who are the party of God 5:56 and 58:22 hizba Allahi and the one about Musa coming back down the mountain and his brother begging him not to seize him by his beard for not getting involved and telling the bani israel to stop worshipping the calf 20:94 khasheetu an taqoolafarraqta bayna banee isra-eela  and Musa’s own “shīʿatihi” (28:15 ) Also 37:79 – 83 is referring to Nuh, in a positive way – that peace is to be upon him and the good doers are to be rewarded, – he was of the believing slaves/servants and the others were drowned and indeed from among his shīʿatihi was Ibrahim.

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