Thursday 19 May 2011

Fiction - mini story



An old friend invited me to go shopping with her. We shopped til we dropped and decided to go get a Starbocks.

Friend: You go grab a table and I’ll order. What do you want?

Me: Just a drink for me please

Friend: Ok what do you want?

Me: Just a drink!

Friend: I know, I heard you the first time! I mean! What kind of drink do you want?

Me: Seriously just a drink, thanks.

Friend: Yeah but what? – Hot drink? Cold drink? Juice? Tea? Coffee? Latte? Cappuccino? Hot chocolate?

Me: Just a drink!!

Friend: (looks puzzled) Um…Ok, whatever.

Friend goes to order. I go get a table. Friend comes back with her drink and an Irish Cream Liqueur Froppuccino for me.

I tell her I can’t drink it because I don’t do dairy.

She gets annoyed at me for not saying anything.


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