Tuesday 24 May 2011

I seem to have lost my Hive Mind

I seem to have lost my Hive Mind

I found this criticism of Quranists on a forum

Perfection is perceived subjectively unless defined and explained by a similar perfection that comprehends it in all it’s perfection. The interpretation of the perfection is corrupted by an imperfect perspective. Thus the preservation is intact only within the scripture itself, but the perception is corruptible. This is clear because ‘Qur’anists’ ‘sect’ individually contradict each other on the interpretations of the verses. This conflict and proof that though the perfectness is indeed preserved, and we know its preserved, the perception however is imperfect unless that perception is originated too by perfectness.

To demonstrate this:

Get 1000 ‘qur’anist’ idiots.

Place the idiots in 1000 separate rooms, each with their own copy of the qur’an.

Ask each idiot to write the interpretation of each verse, e.g. how they derive laws that they must follow.

Grab each of their writings, and compare them.

They will differ.


The Qur’an remains perfectly preserved. The perception remains perfectly imperfect. The qur’anists remain perfectly retarded.

I don’t understand why it’s a problem that 1000 people don’t have a hive mind. We are not the Borg.

Read more at quranistvoices.wordpress.com

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