Saturday 21 May 2011

Upfront and honest

Just think of it this way. After beginning to receive the Divine Message, the Prophet (SAAW) invited the Makkans to submit to Allah Almighty alone, which means, the Quran alone. This was Allah’s command. Allah did NOT tell the Prophet in the Quran to nurture the sentiments of the idolaters and merge pagan values with Allah’s Commandments. NO question about that.

Upfront and honest

I found this post on a forum:

entitled “Some of our Quran-alone speakers need to be more upfront”

“To be a Quran-only follower means to follow the authentic traditional Islam adhered to by our Prophet (SAAW), minus all later-time annexations in the form of Hadith, fatwas etc. not included in the Quran nor warranted by the Quran.
Unlike the wisdom and courage of our Prophet (SAAW), our present Quran-alone speakers aka “scholars” are working with a HIDDEN AGENDA. While their mission is to promote the Quran, their strategy is to observe silence towards the enemy of the Quran. May Allah (The Highest) grant them greater fortitude and a desire for a ‘celebrity status’ in the Hereafter rather than this fleeting earthly life.”

Of course this is one quranist’s opinion. It seems to me that the terms Quranism and Quranist not only aid effective communication, but can also prevent misunderstandings and address the issues presented above.


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