Saturday 14 May 2011

Was I short-changed?

Was I short-changed?

A fictional tale.

After shopping around for a long time, I decided to buy a top of the range BRAND NAME  printer.

The salesperson in the store told me it would be everything I needed as it was a complete office system for printing the best photos, scanning, faxing to make life easier, more peaceful and stress free.

Excited, I got my BRAND NAME printer home. I had no idea what to do with it.

I phoned the store where I bought it from and they told me that to be able to understand what to do with it and get it working I must buy:

- software installation CD and drivers

- a USB cable

- ink cartridges

- 6 instruction and advice books

And they said I needed to register for a special workshop to show me how to use it. They told me the printer I had chosen was so technologically advanced and complicated that it is impossible to be able to just buy one and expect to be able to understand how to use it without help from the professionals.

They referred me to their OWN 3rd PARTY BRAND of the parts and accessories they told me were missing, which were non-manufacturer approved. I bought them and:

  • The USB cable was from a different country and I had to buy a separate adapter to get it to fit.

  • Of the 4 ink cartridges, 1 seemed to fit ok but the other 3 did not.

  • The software was not compatible with my Operating System

  • I went to the professionals workshop and they tried to convince me that learning to use the printer would take a lot of time, many years, maybe even a whole lifetime to be able to understand how to use it, and tried to convince me that printing, scanning and faxing were not that important anyway. They told me the manufacturer had explained everything in the 3rd Party software, and warned me of the dangers of using anyone else’s 3rd party hardware or software.

  • And then I got a virus from their online support website.

Afterwards I found out that the manufacturer had provided a BRAND NAME USB cable and a BRAND NAME software installation CD and BRAND NAME ink cartridges all in the original box, all fully guaranteed with a lifetime quality assurance warranty. I also found simple and clear instructions on how to get it up and running, without needing to attend the professionals workshop.

Moral of the story – Always read the instruction manual.


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