Tuesday 10 May 2011

Who are the real sectarians

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Who are the Real Sectarians?

The Quranists, being at the beginning of our modern emergence, face the great opposition from Quranic Fundamentalists (QFists for short) about the very term. Many QFists (people who believe in the Quran as the sole source of islam yet oppose the term ‘Quranist’) believe we should only use the term ‘Muslim’. They accuse Quranists of being sectarians by the very act of taking the name!

Who is a sectarian? A sectarian is one who builds walls around themselves. They consider themselves to be the exclusive owners of salvation. The chosen ones of Allah. Some Sunnis and Shia have this view of themselves where they think that out of the ’73 sects’ (this is from a hadith), they belong to the the one which is saved.

QFists who have this view tend to call themselves ‘Muslim’ and attack those who call themselves ‘Quranists’. It is difficult to tell if they realise that by taking on this name with no qualifier beyond the word ‘Muslim’, they are making a serious insinuation. That other Muslims are not Muslims at all.

How does the Quran view this interpretation? The Quran

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