Tuesday 28 June 2011

Quranism Misperceptions

Concerns and precautions

I don’t think anyone is saying Quranists are not muslims, are they? I am muslim. I am a muslim. I am a Muslim(?) not sure about capital letters – they confuse me. But I am a Quranist. By now I think we are getting a feel for what a Quranist is… I’m thinking: “Quran alone” mentality, meaning Quran is the one divine source, and a rejection of any other sources claiming to be divine. I just honestly don’t see Quranism as a sect, because the Quran claims it is the one divine source, afaics. I think it’s just a communication thing.

Concerns to be aware of:

I do have concerns that the term Quranism is not safeguarded from being undermined. For example

A. if “Quranism” becomes associated with misperceptions/doubts, such as

  1.  misperception of being a sect,
  1.  misperception of being disobedient to / not heeding the Messengers,
  1.  misperception that the name is not mentioned in the Qur’an therefore we can’t use it,
  1.  misperception of exclusivism, clubs / groups / cliques


B. if the ones with money and power feel threatened enough by the Truth that they launch an effective campaign to brand Quranists as heretics, apostates, rejecters of the truth and liars and disbelievers.

Pre-emptive precautions 

If Quranism were to be undermined, God Forbid, (when I say undermined, I mean that by popular usage the true meaning of Quranism were to become obscured, confused or associated with negativity, as has already happened to the term “muslim”), then it is a real possibility that a new defining term would be required. Until the same happens again, and again.  I think that’s why it’s very important to get the term Quranists into popular usage in a positive way as a synonym for the Quranic meaning of muslim, and nip such misperceptions in the bud from the outset.

I also think it is not incorrect to say Quranism is a man-made term. The English term Quranism is not in the Quran. That is not in dispute. One might say Utopia is not in either but it is still described. Furthermore lots of things are man-made; that doesn’t automatically mean they are not useful or conducive to establishing good, or useful for effective communication. Quranism is a term that is one word. One word to summarise it’s meaning.  The term Quranism is also being used to propogate Truth vs Falsehood.  Quranism as a term can help open the channels of communication, accurately and honesty. The term is a practicality, a facilitator. The only way Quranism could ever be a sect is if it listed a set of stipulated beliefs, from other than what is described in Noble Qur’an, where the ones who stipulate the belief set refused to include those who disagreed with any part of the belief set and excommunicated them or labelled them. Even that which is stipulated in the Quran, I think we can all agree is subject to any number of interpretations, which is what makes QuranistVoices blog so very openly diverse and accepting of all opinions / viewpoints / thoughts and feelings, especially if they are backed up by Quranic proof/evidence. In the end, we will be judged on our own individual actions so we have to be able to conclude that for every action we take, there is a real justification for it, based on our own reasoning, pondering and reflection / our own interpretation of the Divine Message, not just because someone else told us so. Just thinking out loud :) Peace

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