Wednesday 6 July 2011

Quran Study Tips

Thanks to Mushu and Wakas for this info:

Suggestions ... How to Study Quran If you would like to hone in on a particular topic, try

And use the Topics Index on the links on the left. This will give a nice overview of topics covered in quran and give you verse references. For example, if you wanted to know how quran addresses the concept of retribution, scroll down to 'R', click 'Retribution' and all the relevant verses will come up.

Or, you could do a word search to see if there is any mention of it in quran.

If you would like to compare translations, try the following:


You may have your own favourite, but I tend to use the above. and other quran translation comparison sites are not always the best to get the flow of an entire passage, as there are many breaks and you have to keep going to a new page every 5 or so verses. It is important to identify context, flow and theme of a quranic passage for it to give guidance. Many translations will have several verses regarding a particular theme, and then out of the blue a verse will appear about something completely different. To help me with getting a feel of what a passage is saying and identify where translators may have mistranslated a verse, I like using and unselect everything on the left except Sahih International translation which is truest to the Arabic I've seen (but again this is down to preference). You can then read an entire passage and reflect on the overall theme and flow of the message without excess lines of commentary/translations. Where a verse talks about something which doesn't seem to fit with the flow of the surrounding verses, you may wish to investigate further.

Once you've decided on the verses you wish to study using the above links, and have compared translations and tried to get a feel for the theme and flow, you can start analysing the words in more detail.

For this, use:

Choose the verse and start looking at the way the words have been translated. The site allows you to click any word and get a short analysis of it. It also allows you to check the occurrences of the word in the quran. If you click on a word and find that every other occurrence is translated exactly the same way, you can be fairly confident that it is correct. Where you find that the same word is translated differently in different verses, you may have reason to suspect that something fishy is going on. The above site is also the most powerful for identifying where translators are inserting and twisting words. Many times you will find words in a translation that is simply not there in the Arabic, or very simple prepositions like 'with', 'of', 'to' and 'from' are twisted to give the verse an entire different meaning. If you see a word that you suspect is mistranslated, and you've checked the occurrences and you're not satisfied, you should make note of the root letters of that particular word given in the analysis. With the root letters at hand, you should reference a classical Arabic dictionary to see what the possible meanings of the word really are.

Once you have the root letters of the word you wish to study, visit:

This is a Quran concordance, grammar and dictionary in one. It is primarily based on the classical Arabic Dictionary called Lane's Lexicon. It's not necessarily the best, but it's certainly the most accessible for us English speakers on the Internet and considered very reliable. Click on the first root letter along the top and scroll down to the sequence you're interested in. What you should find is possible meanings of the word that all revolve around a particular root meaning. You can then reflect on which words would best fit in with the verse in question and also whether it would fit in with other verses that use the same word.

These and more Quran Study Tips at the Qnet forum


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