Friday 22 July 2011

Quranists and Division

Yahoo Answers – Quranists and Division

If quranists were more common would there be even worse division?

it appears that every single quranist would be a different sect or even religion by the looks of it.

for example in that question the quranists couldnt agree on something as fundamental as salaah, with some saying its 3 times per day, some saying 5, and even saying that they dont believe in doing ritual “sit ups”.

even with fasting, they couldnt agree on when to fast. same with hijab, dating etc it seems they only agree on rejecting hadith.

it seems that if 1 billion muslims became quranist, then we would have 1 billion sects.

what do you think? agree or disagree?

just a point i want to bring up because i see some quranists criticizing what they see as sects and all muslims not on their methodology, but it seems that approach is sectarian anyway and just creates even more sects.


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