Tuesday 26 July 2011

Responses to Critics – responding to Sheikh Feiz

Responses to Critics – responding to Sheikh Feiz

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Sheikh Feiz’s video, called ”The Quranists – The Importance of The Path of Rasulullah”  has invited some reactions from the Quranist community. Although Sheikh Feiz received a mixture of ad-hominem attacks and disapproval on his original Youtube video comments, the points Sheikh Feiz makes in his attack on Quranists in his video are  addressed and discussed methodically in these well-evidenced rebuttals. This 3 part video responding to Sheikh Feiz’s claims on the Quranists Network TV Channel (QNet TV) leaves no stone unturned. This blog post is another refutation of SheikhFeiz’s allegations.

Read more at quranistvoices.wordpress.com

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